Damn it.

Shalom. So, folks. Hi. I’m very happy to announce that I’ll have a sitcom on NBC this fall based on my stand up. It’s a sitcom based on me and what goes on in my head so it’s basically about balls and sex and that sort of dumbness. It will be on on Thursdays after the Office. It’s very cool and I’m super proud of it, but thanks to Twitter and damn Internet comments sections, I feel like I’ve been spending more time defending the show than celebrating it. Basically some people seem really stressed out about the fact that the show is multi-camera with a live studio audience. People think it has a “laugh track” which is fucking wrong . We shot it with a live in-studio audience so what you are hearing is real laughs from real people in the real audience. Below is a photo of an audience I found on Google images. Our audience was not from the 70’s but I feel like I should put a photo here to break up the impending diatribe.

I know on NBC there aren’t any live audience shows at the moment so I totally get why it’s jarring at first. But I think we’ve all forgotten that multi camera is how awesome scripted TV started. Shows used to be shot in front of a live audience. Humans sat in chairs and watched the actors act and laughed when they did something funny. Some of the best shows ever made had studio audiences: Cheers, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Friends. Basically the shows we grew up on as kids that made us not want to kill ourselves when we were in a vortex of depression. Just me? That’s cool too. A live studio audience didn’t bother us when those shows were on and I am sure a lot of ya’ll watch Sienfeld reruns, so I’m not sure why some people today are so upset that my show being made this way. Watching my show will basically feel like watching or seeing stand up. A joke happens and real people laugh. Why is that making people spaz out so much? I am not sure why this is so confusing to people to the point of them @replying mean shit about it on Twitter.

I mean, I should probably not take a guy with a V neck shirt who obviously uses self-tanner too seriously but still. It’s annoying. All comedians who have had sitcoms had a live audience there to watch the show. I am not sure why this is so confusing. I’ve gotten used to the negative comments on Twitter about me looking older than I am and I think I’m handling that noise pretty well (thank you Xanax) but not being cool with a show having a studio audience just goofy. THIS is the very nonsense that makes me look older than I am. 

Single camera shows with no live audience have been more popular the last couple years and nobody’s a bigger fan of them than me, especially NBC’s Thursday night comedy “block”, but I think it’s time for the multi camera tradition to come back. It’s sexy, folks. And people laughing gives me time to remember my next line while I’m acting. The guy playing my boyfriend in the show, the flawless Chris D’Elia, is also a stand up, so it makes even more sense to have a live audience. It just made sense to do it this way. I know a studio audience doesn’t make sense for a lot of shows, but for a comedian it does. I like performing live for people. I know trying to entertain strangers isn’t a particularly healthy impulse (thanks Dad) but that’s just what I do. It’s pretty much the only thing I’m good at. I can totally see why hearing laughs after jokes on TV may be weird at first if you’re used to only watching single camera shows, but you’ll get used to it in like two seconds. Below is a still from the show. Me and my gals are buying sex toys, so. That’s happening.

The show may look somewhat traditional, but it’s very untraditional in every other way. It’s basically my stand up in the form of a narrative show, so if you like my stand up, you’ll love the show. All we do is talk about sex and vaginas and vejazzling about how the Kardashians are sluts and I’m in a freaking nurse costume trying to have sex with my boyfriend and he’s getting a concussion…its much edgier than the shows without an audience. I am absolutely going to get sued. Now I have carpel tunnel from typing this. I should probably just learn how to block people.

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  3. xoxostephxoxo said: Anyone who compares Whitney Cummings to Sarah Silverman is dumb. They have similarities but Whitney is her own comic. This show is going to be amazing and it doesn’t sound like a laugh track to me AT ALL. Whitney’s going far, the show & the woman.
  4. savagely-delicious said: Hey Whitney! You’re fucking hot, bitch. I’d go ear deep. Haters gotta hate, that is their job. I’m excited to watch your show! You’ve got to be so excited! Stay that way!
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    Well said, whitney.
  6. amhv said: Whitney, if you keep being this self-conscious all the time, show business is going to kill you. Take a note from Sarah Silverman, stop apologizing for a second and just go rock out with your cock out already. Who reads comment sections, anyway?
  7. raplyricsilike said: I really like you and your stand up and I’m excited for your show and have no problem with a live audience, but I can’t believe you spelled Seinfeld wrong. Twice. You’re a comedienne!
  8. truettogden said: Will & Grace had a studio audience, didnt it? And Will & Grace is the world’s greatest tv show. Of all time, ever. So there’s that to think about.
  9. sensualwordplay said: Ladyface- every time someone is like “that show will suck ass,” you shove back “well a network made a show about ME, millions of people would love ME, so put that in your burrito and fat it.” Plus you can use the line, “I’m a tall drink of funny.”
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    Damn that’s a deep V.
  11. geekvariety said: After 3 years I might have to turn on the tv to catch this.
  12. christinahaberkern said: I’m a propmaker and got to see your show already and I liked it a lot. Fuck that idiot. I’m excited to see more of it.
  13. rocketcityrebel said: Baby girl…youre not doing it right until some jackass goes out of his way to tell you how much you suck. So hurray! You’re doing it right! And he looks like he works at a Red Lobster. Everyone wins here.
  14. cvxn said: Fuck the haters. Have 70 cameras and an audience full of red-assed baboons for all I care. I’ll watch your show regardless, because I think you are - to use a Trumpism - pretty terrific. Haven’t seen his standup, but D’Elia is funny on Twitter too.